1st Kanata A Colony - Scouts Popcorn Fundraiser

posted Oct 6, 2013, 6:21 AM by Louise Foley   [ updated Oct 6, 2013, 6:21 AM ]
September 25


This week we sent home some Scouts Popcorn fundraiser forms with the

This is an annual fundraiser for the Scouts program with all funds raised
staying within the groups and sections that raised them (for those
unfamiliar, our Group is 1st Kanata, and our Beaver section is A Colony).
So, any money (approximately 60%) raised by our colony will stay within the

This is a voluntary program. In previous years, "B" Colony had most of the
Beavers participate and sold 1-6 items to family and friends (Sorry, I do
not have details for "A" Colony). A couple Beavers (or their parents :-))
 took a more involved approach and sold door-to-door or in the office.  Any
funds raised will allow us to do unique activities that we may not be able
to otherwise fund. For example, maybe we could take the Colony bowling or
help offset some of our year end Camporee costs.

Any popcorn sales you can make are greatly appreciated!

A couple of details about the popcorn sales. Despite what the pamphlets say,
please collect money upfront. Cheques should be written to "1st Kanata A
Colony Beavers". Please bring the order forms and money back by October
21st. Orders will be available for pickup in late November or early

Thank you for all of your efforts in this fundraiser.