October 28

posted Oct 27, 2013, 5:04 PM by Louise Foley   [ updated Oct 27, 2013, 5:04 PM ]

Hi all,

As you saw at our investiture ceremony, we have a new leader. Christina, aka Ringtail, aka Tony's Mom has successfully completed all the requirements to be a Beaver leader. So, starting on Monday, October 28 we will be returning to Stephen Leacock Public School.

For our first meeting on our own, we will be very relaxed and review our motto, law and promise. We'll do the opening and closing and basically play some games to get to know each other's names. We also have a Halloween craft planned. 

This will be our Halloween party so the Beavers can come in costume. I'll bring a few treats as well. Let's have some FUN!!

If you would like to bring something, please contact me with the item so we can ensure we cover off all food allergies and dietary considerations. 

If you would like to reach all the leaders at the same time you can use the email address:colonya.leaders@1stkanatascouts.org.

Members of the email list are:
Louise Foley
Amr Ellaithy
Christina Burroughs

Also, don't forget about our web site:http://acolony.1stkanatascouts.org

You can take a look at all out upcoming events on our colony calendar. 

Upcoming events:

  1. November 4: Park clean-up with Lynx pack
  2. November 11: Lieutenant Colonel Peter Saunders to talk about Remembrance Day 
  3. November 18: TBD
  4. November 25: visit to Teron Road fire station (6:30 start time for an hour)

Looking forward to getting going with "A" Colony!!