Welcome to Beavers 2013-14

posted Sep 12, 2013, 10:47 AM by Louise Foley   [ updated Sep 12, 2013, 11:42 AM ]

My name is Louise Foley, and I’ll be the contact leader this year for 1st Kanata’s “A” Colony Beavers. Basically, you can expect emails from me weekly a few days before each of our meetings, with additional ones for special events, fundraising and volunteer requests.

There is a lot of information covered in this email, please read it carefully.

"A" Colony Beaver Scouts (boys and girls ages 5-7) will meet from 6:00 to 7pm at Stephen Leacock Public School, 25 Leacock Drive, Kanata (MAP: http://bit.ly/stephenleacock). Our first meeting will be on Monday, September 16, 2013.  Both leaders will be at the hall by 5:45pm, feel free to come early, but please be prepared to stay until both leaders are present.

In general, we won't meet on holiday Mondays or when the school is closed (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas break, Family Day, March Break, etc.). Some of our meetings will take place at other locations - in the past the Colony has visited a fire station, Scotiabank Place, and a farm. An important part of our program is to do outdoor activities, and so we will aim for at least one meeting/event outdoors each month. There is will be a web site and calendar set-up that can be viewed anytime.  http://acolony.1stkanatascouts.org/

At this point, Colony A has 2 registered volunteer leaders: myself and Amr Ellaithy.

We currently have 10 youth registered.

A very important part of our program is child safety. We have a number of policies in place to help with this and two of these are:

1. Minimum leader to child ratio of 1:5. To maintain this ratio, we will need to recruit new leaders as our registration numbers increase. If you have the time available, please consider sharing your time and talents with us and volunteering. With 10 children, this means that we are exactly at ratio, so if one of the leaders cannot make the meeting we may need to cancel the meeting.

2. The 2 Deep rule. Leaders are not supposed to be alone with a child at any time. The leadership team will maintain a 2 deep rule, in which, two leaders are always present together with the youth. Because of this policy, please do not drop off your child and leave our meetings without at least two leaders being present at our meeting location.

While we realize not every parent can commit the time and energy to being a leader, we would appreciate more parents volunteering as leaders, or helping out with our fundraising and activities during the year.

We expect to collect $0.25 dues each meeting to help off set the costs of craft supplies, etc.  As the children enter each meeting, they can provide the $0.25 and will be provided a token to feed the beaver during the opening ceremony.  Don’t worry if you forget the money, children will be provided a token anyway J. Fees for any special events will be advertised well in advance.

Beavers should arrive in uniform and bring indoor non-marking shoes for inside the meeting hall and be ready to start promptly at 6pm. Outdoor activities will be announced in advance and weather appropriate clothing will need to be worn.

New Beavers should buy the beaver vest and hat at the Scout Shop. Expect the prices to be approximately $17.99 and $11.99 plus taxes. There is also a Beaver T-shirt, but the T-shirt is optional.

The neckerchief and woggle will be provided by the Colony at an Investiture Ceremony that will see Kits (new beavers) transition to Eager Beavers. We also will provide a Beaver tail, lodge crest and area crest for the uniform in the first few meetings.

Please make sure the Beavers have gone to the bathroom before the meeting. While Beavers are allowed to go to the bathroom during meetings, this does cause a disruption and since we have 2 leaders and following our 2 Deep rule, this means that we will need to stop what we are doing and take all the Beavers to the bathroom if one needs to go.

Beaver Leaders have leader names from the Friends in the Forest book. Since this is the Leadership’s team first year with the Colony, the children will help choose names for the leaders based on the characters in the Friends of the Forest book (the book which helps explain the beaver program). We will read some of the book in our first couple of meetings.

Please take a look at the Parent's Guide for Beaver Scouts: http://www.scouts.ca/sites/default/files/bs-parent-guide.pdf

It gives a summary of some of the terminology you may hear from us (i.e. Feeding the Beaver).

We will be publishing our schedule on the 1st Kanata website in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, here is our current plan until the end of September:

  • Sept 16 - Introduction - learn opening ceremony, motto, promise, law – name tag craft - read Friends of the Forest
  • Sept 23 – Create a Code of conduct; learn name game; learn some songs; read Friends of the Forest
  • Sept 30 – We will be going on a hike. I am looking at locations and will let everyone know by the first meeting. Suggestions welcome!

Other important dates:

  • October 5 (Saturday) – Apple Day – the Beavers will be selling Apples as a fundraiser. We will likely be going door-to-door in the Beaverbrook area Parent volunteers please step forward!
  • November 16 (Saturday) – the white tail sleepover (this only affects Beavers that are born in 2006).

If you know of some families interested in Beavers, but they are not sure about committing to the program, please feel free to "invite a friend" to one of our meetings to give them an opportunity to see what our program is like.

Ottawa Scout Shop

1345 Baseline Rd
Ottawa, ON K2C 0A7
Phone: 613-224-0139



9:00 - 6:00


9:00 - 6:00


9:00 - 6:00


9:00 - 6:00


9:00 - 7:00


9:00 - 5:00


11:00 - 4:00

If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to contact me via email at anytime or by phone in the evenings (613-841-3396).

Yours in Scouting,
Louise Foley
“A” Colony, 1st Kanata Scouts